The KHC Difference

The KHC Difference:

Quality Seed-to-Shelf Products

At Kaua’i Hemp Company (KHC), we’re on a mission to bring  organic and sustainable agriculture in Hawaii. Our commitment to superior quality is evident in every step of our seed-to-shelf process.

Cultivating Organic Hemp Under the Hawaiian Sun

It all begins with the careful selection of organic CBD and CBG-dominant strains sourced from Oregon CBD. Unlike indoor cultivation, we intentionally grow our hemp outside under the Hawaiian sun, allowing tropical rainfall and mineral-rich volcanic soil to nurture our crops naturally.

Hemp’s natural soil-remediating properties make our decision to grow hemp outside crucial. This ensures clean, organic, and mineral-rich soil conditions, providing the foundation for our exceptional hemp products.

Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction for Pure CBD & CBG

After harvesting our organic CBD & CBG hemp flower, we embark on the journey of cryogenic ethanol extraction. This meticulous process involves milling the hemp flower to a fine consistency and flushing it with -40℃ in a large centrifuge.

Cryogenic ethanol extraction ensures optimal separation of cannabinoids, resulting in a golden CBD or CBG concentrate. From this concentrate, our team crafts the highest quality CBD & CBG tinctures, topicals, and soon-to-come gummies.

Transparency and Certification

At Kauai Hemp Company, transparency and consumer safety are paramount. Our products undergo third-party testing, meeting all USDA legal hemp requirements. From organic farming practices to eco-friendly packaging and sustainable energy usage from our on-site solar farm, we prioritize integrity and quality.

Certified Organic through OTCO and USDA

Grown, processed and manufactured on Kauai

Third-party lab-tested for purity, consistency, and safety

Crafted with sustainability in mind

Experience the KHC Difference – Earth’s finest CBD & CBG products from our soil to your soul.

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