The KHC Difference

Not all hemp and CBD products are created equal. Many CBD companies are less than trustworthy, cutting as many corners as possible to create products that are full of impurities, taste awful, and are ineffective just to make a quick buck. KHC has made it our bedrock to change the standard of what a premium CBD company should be.


100% Hawaii Grown & Crafted

Choosing a CBD brand you can trust can be overwhelming with so many products on the market. That’s why, at Kauai Hemp Company, we choose not to take shortcuts. All of our products are seed-to-shelf, certified organic,  100% grown and  sustainably crafted on Kauai. This means that intricate care and time are taken at every step in the process, resulting in superior quality you can trust.

Our commitment to quality begins with careful seed selection and unique cultivation conditions. We source our organic CBD and CBG-dominant hemp seeds from trusted pioneers in hemp genetics, chosen for their dedication to innovation, quality, and compliance with federal standards and regulations. While many other CBD brands opt for indoor growing, or sourcing their hemp from disreputable growers which may using harsh pesticides, we intentionally grow our hemp organically outdoors under the Hawaii sun. The tropical rainfall nourishes the roots, and the mineral-rich volcanic soil provides a fertile source of nutrients. This ideal growing environment has produced world-renowned cannabis cultivars such as “Maui Wowie” and “Kona Gold,” and now, it’s being used to cultivate our exceptional Kauai Hemp.

By maintaining a seed-to-shelf process, we ensure that every product meets the highest standards for quality, purity, safety and effectiveness.

The KHC Difference

Hemp is a natural soil-remediator, meaning its roots reach deep into the soil, cleaning up contaminants and absorbing nutrients. While this is great for revitalizing toxic soil, it’s not the kind of hemp you want to ingest. Unlike many of our competitors who grow conventionally, we at Kauai Hemp Company choose to grow our plants organically, outdoors in clean, nutrient-rich soil with fresh tropical tradewinds. From the very beginning, your safety and health are our top priorities.

Our commitment to organic growing methods is also essential in preserving Kauai’s delicate ecosystem. Past large-scale commercial agriculture practices have significantly damaged the soil in Hawaii, depleting its nutrients and contaminating it with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We are dedicated to leading a new wave of agriculture by prioritizing healthy soil ecology and keeping our streams, rivers, and oceans free from harsh chemicals and pesticides.

We’re proud to say that Kauai Hemp Company is the only certified organic hemp farm and processing facility in Hawaii. Our farm is USDA-certified organic through Oregon Tilth (OTCO), which has one of the toughest certification processes. This ensures that our organic practices are top-notch.

When it’s time to harvest our organic CBD & CBG hemp flower, our extraction process begins. We use only the hemp flowers, never the stalks, roots, or stems. This approach results in a much purer and more potent extract with fewer impurities.

There are many different extraction methods available, however we chose to employ cryogenic ethanol extraction. Cryogenic ethanol extraction is comprised of several steps (you can check it out in action here). The raw hemp flower is milled to a fine consistency and then flushed with -40℃ ethanol in a large centrifuge. Cryogenic ethanol allows for optimal separation of cannabinoids ( CBD, CBG, etc.) from the plant materials by freezing the chlorophyll, waxes, fats, and lipids, which are then easily and quickly filtered out leaving behind a beautiful golden CBD or CBG concentrate that our team can then turn into the highest quality CBD & CBG products. Our premium seed-to-shelf products include tinctures, topicals, and very soon gummies as well! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to access great deals and be the first to get access to new products!

Kauai hemp company CBD

Our team works diligently to bring you the highest quality hemp-derived CBD and CBG products available. We offer a range of oral tinctures that are formulated for effectiveness. Our three tried and true organic formulas include Full Spectrum Gold CBD–our inaugural product established as the gold standard for what full-spectrum CBD oil should embody; Broad Spectrum CBD–THC free; and CBG: CBD Balance Blend–combining the best of both cannabinoids.

Find the tincture that’s best suited to you! Full Spectrum refers to a hemp-derived product that retains all the original cannabinoids that are present in the original hemp plant, meaning there can be CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), along with potentially many other minor cannabinoids. Broad Spectrum refers to hemp-derived formulas that are 100% free of THC, a great option for those wishing to steer clear of any possibility of consuming THC. Our CBG: CBD Balance blend tincture is a 1:1 blend of our CBD-dominant oil combined with our CBG-dominant oil. All three of these tinctures have a total potency of 1000 mg per 30 ml (1 oz) and 33 mg per 1 ml. One dropper is about 1 ml which is a typical dose.

We also offer extra-strength versions of our Full Spectrum and CBG-based formulas that contain a total potency of 2700 mg per bottle (30 ml / 1 oz) and 90 mg per dose (1 ml). We recommend these extra-strength tinctures for experienced CBD users as they are nearly 3x as strong as most hemp-derived formulas available on the market.

Hemp-derived products can also be used topically as well for a soothing and nourishing effect. From luscious body oils and cleansing soaps to effective and reef-safe CBD sun pastes. Check out all of our wonderful topical products here!

Most recently, our team has been developing the most delicious CBG-based gummies in a delightfully tropical flavor of strawberry guava! These little tropical treats are geared towards supporting you throughout your day as you maneuver through everyday obstacles.* Our CBG Sunrise Gummy will be available exclusively on starting on Apr 20, 2024.

Transparency & Consumer Safety: All Kauai Hemp Company products are third-party tested to ensure consumer safety and compliance with all USDA legal hemp requirements/regulations. This ensures that you are receiving hemp-derived products from safe and effective organic farming practices. At Kauai Hemp Company, we strive to continuously reduce our carbon footprint. We do this in several ways; from organic farming practices, to powering our farm and facilities through our on-site solar farm, to utilizing eco-friendly packaging. These are just a few factors that create the KHC Difference and make Kauai Hemp Company hemp products stand out above the rest.

Organic CBD & CBG tinctures

Kauai Hemp Company values integrity, quality, and minimizing our impact on our beautiful ‘aina (land). From our soil to your soul, Earth’s finest CBD & CBG products.
Once our organic CBD & CBG hemp flower is harvested, our extraction journey begins. Unlike many other companies, we prioritize using only hemp flowers, never using the stalks, roots, or stems. This leads to a far purer and more potent extract with fewer impurities.

  • Certified Organic through OTCO and USDA
  • Grown, processed, and manufactured on Kauai
  • Third-party lab-tested for purity, consistency, and safety
  • Crafted with sustainability in mind
  • Experience the KHC Difference – Earth’s finest CBD & CBG products from our soil to your soul.
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